Innovative Solutions to Power Antigua

Innovative Solutions to Power Antigua

The Gateway to Clean Energy in the Eastern Caribbean.

Our Mission

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Caribbean LNG terminal for gas-to-power and bunkering marine services in an environmentally friendly manner, for Antigua and Barbuda and the Eastern Caribbean.

We will contribute to the community in accordance with our social standing. Moreover we are dedicated to maintaining and preserving our environment while practicing sound business ethics so as to maintain high moral principles with our customers, employees, suppliers, community, and other stakeholders.

Who We Serve

Gas To Power

Leveraging LNG for more cost-effective, efficient and reliable power.

Marine Bunkering

Supplying marine fuels to ship owners efficiently, reliably and responsibly.

Who We Serve

Leveraging LNG for more cost-effective, efficient and reliable power.

The Caribbean LNG terminal in Antigua is strategically positioned to supply the Eastern Caribbean with LNG for power generation. In addition to providing direct environmental benefits as a fuel, natural gas can complement renewable energy generation by providing a fuel source for consistent electricity production. Caribbean LNG and its partners specialize in creating reliable virtual pipelines to supply our neighbors LNG needs.

On-site LNG for industrial customers is also now a reality for the Eastern Caribbean. LNG can be leveraged by industrial users for power generation, combined heat & power (CHP) and manufacturing by converting industrial equipment to natural gas. Caribbean LNG counts with the expertise to design custom LNG supply, storage, and regassification options for all types of industrial needs to offer affordable, reliable, and resilient LNG solutions.

Our partnership approach is founded on a flexible philosophy that extends from the natural gas supply to the LNG delivery.

Marine Bunkering

LNG is a commercially viable marine fuel that meets the cruise and shipping industry’s needs.

Eagle LNG, a partner of Caribbean LNG, has ship fueling experience dating back to 2018. Currently, more than 200 LNG bunkering events have been safely performed with 3 major shipping carriers out of Eagle’s Talleyrand LNG Bunker Station at JAXPort in Jacksonville,FL. Currently, JAXPort is the largest LNG bunkering hub in the U.S.

The Caribbean LNG terminal in Antigua and Barbuda will add to the LNG marine fuel value chain. Caribbean LNG will deploy a purpose-built LNG bunkering vessel with a cargo capacity of 9,400m3. The vessel will utilize specialized equipment for LNG hose handling and mooring, specifically designed to allow for operations with cruise vessels that have overhanging lifeboats which can limit the accessibility of bunkering vessel to the cruise vessel bunkering port. Along with enhanced maneuverability, cargo sub cooler (re-condenser) and LNG transfer equipment will allow for a safe, effective, and efficient transfer of LNG to a vessel.

Construction continues apace on new power plant and LNG terminal.  Watch the video

For more information on the benefits of LNG as a marine fuel please visit  SGMF

Eagle LNG Announces Delivery of First LNG Carrier for Caribbean Basin Service

image of an LNG ship in bright red sailing the open seas

Eagle LNG Partners LLC (“Eagle LNG”) took delivery of its first LNG carrier, the Coral Favia, from Anthony Veder. The 10,000 cubic meter LNG supply vessel is the first of a planned fleet from Eagle LNG offering LNG supply and bunker services for the Caribbean basin.

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Stimulus & Investment in Antigua

Investing in infrastructure directly in Antigua to create jobs and reduce energy costs.

Immediate Impact

More local jobs created during construction period.

Long-Term Impact

Create local employment for 20+ years while requiring other auxiliary services. The job numbers will increase as LNG is exported or used to bunker ships.

Positive Green Environmental Impact

Lower CO2 Emissions
Lower Particulate Emissions
Lower Nox Emissions
Lower Sox Emissions

The Age of Gas is the Transition to Net Zero Carbon

Antigua is moving in the right direction towards net zero carbon in compliance with the Paris Agreement 2050.

Energy & Water Costs

Competitively priced and cleaner energy will attract direct foreign investments.

Caribbean LNG

Working together for a better tomorrow.

At Caribbean LNG, we believe there is a better way to fuel the Caribbean’s future. Our mission will help the region achieve a more environmentally friendly and reliable fuel source. The LNG is produced in the United States and is easily accessible, reliable, secure, and proximal to the region.

Our team, together with our partners, Antigua Power Company, and Eagle LNG, will work together for power generation, marine bunkering, and export opportunities.

Caribbean LNG is a jointly held company of The Antigua Power Company (APC) and Eagle LNG, developing small-scale LNG fueling solutions for customers throughout the Eastern Caribbean and beyond. Caribbean LNG is based in Antigua.

The Team

Nicholas Saoud Project Engineer

Nicholas Saoud

Project Engineer

Abier Jama Site Administration & HSSE Officer

Abier Jama

Site Administration & HSSE Officer


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Project Partners

Eagle LNG

Eagle LNG is a privately held and operated portfolio company of The Energy & Minerals Group. Eagle LNG provides affordable, efficient and clean burning energy.  It develops fully integrated, small-scale LNG solutions for marine industries as well as bespoke project development for power generation in the Caribbean and Latin America. Eagle LNG is based in Houston, Texas.

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Antigua Power Company

Antigua Power Company Ltd. (APCL) is a locally owned and operated company that is a member of The Hadeed Group of companies. APCL has been providing reliable, safe and economical energy to the people of Antigua with the utility APUA for over 25 years as an IPP (Independent Power Producer). By providing a trained and experienced team, and a dedicated team oriented working culture APCL is able to provide energy efficiency, energy sustainability, and environmentally friendly solutions to its customers. APCL is based in Antigua and Barbuda.

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